KPI - Key Performance Indicators

Key performance indicators tell a story - a very factual one:
  1. How many times your machines broke down for the month?
  2. How many projects were delayed?
  3. How many and what kinds of complaints you get from your customers?
  4. How much output was scrapped and what was its cost?
  5. How many products failed the quality control tests this month? What was last year's monthly average? Are you doing any better?
  6. How many errors were made with your purchase orders?
  7. How many late deliveries from your suppliers? 
  8. How much employee absenteeism did you experience last month?
  9. How many times did the QMS Committee meet in the last 6 months?
  10. How many nonconformities did you have to manage this quarter so far? Did it increase compared to last quarter?
  11. Which employee is making the most errors?
  12. How many sales inquiries did you get this month? Are you on target?
  13. What percentage of your sales inquiries came from your website? What's the return on investment of your online marketing efforts versus offline marketing?
  14. Is there any correlation between the number of training programs implemented with employee productivity levels?
  15. How many improvement programs did you initiate for the current quarter? Are the results profitable?
  16. How long did it take you to send a sales quote to your customers?
  17. How many A & P events did you implement last year? What was the total cost versus sales revenue?
  18. What is the average time to close off a corrective action request?
  19. How long does ir take for you approve a new or amended document?
  20. How many preventive action requests were issued in this quarter? None?
  21. How many employees' feedback did you get this year?
  22. What is the average number of nonconformities did you get per audit? Is it rising or declining?
  23. What are the visible trends for your process?
  24. Can you identify any strengths, weaknesses, threats or opportunities for your process?
What's your story? What are your conclusions?
  • What's the average performance level?
  • What's the standard deviation from the average?
  • What's the dispersion like?
  • What's the distribution like across the range?
  • What's the trend like?
  • Is the trend leveling? Are you hitting your capacity?
  • What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats?
  • What are the potential risks facing your process?
  • What is causing those conditions?
  • Is your process stable?
  • Is your process capable?
  • Are on or off track in achieving your quality objectives?
  • Should you explore further? Collect other types of performance data? 
  • Which problems should you tackle first?
  • How would you find the solutions?